My research focuses on geographic information science, critical GIS, and quantitative human geography. I aim to analyse, visualise, and critique the geographies of information, with a particular interest on internet content production and representativeness. I also work in the field of location-based services, with a particular focus on the concept of geographic relevance, and geographic information retrieval. My teaching and research interests also include geocomputation, information visualization, public participation GIS, volunteer geographic information, and uncertainty in GIS, and a critical approach to data science and big data analysis.


Main research interests include:

  • Geographic information science
  • Volunteer geographic information
  • Geographic information retrieval and location-based services
  • Information geographies and geographies of the internet
  • Quantitative urban geography and gentrification
  • Data science and reproducible research


Research Areas for PhD Supervision include:

information geographies, internet, geographic relevance, location-based services, geographic information retrieval, critical GIS, geocomputation, volunteer geographic information

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